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Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Vintage Borden's Milk Can

This Borden's Milk Can is a nice flea market find.
A little banged up and rusty, but still a great subject for a makeover. It gives off some country charm.

milk can labeled 48

I sanded it to smooth out some of the rusty dimples and bubbles.

Then painted the entire can using "Eggnog" All-In-One Decor Paint.

Then painted the embossed lettering of the can with "Fireside" All-In-One Decor Paint.

After choosing a Jersey Cow print in reverse (mirror image) I applied it with "Image Transfer Medium".

When it dried, gently rubbed off the paper with a damp cloth, leaving the image in a distressed state.

cow image

Using "Graphite" Furniture Glaze, I used the dry brush technique over many areas of the can. Then some smudging with a cloth into the dents and crevices.

When finished, I topped the can with "Natural" wax by rubbing it into the paint with a cloth.

farm milk can

It sports a new look on both sides.

painted milk can

It was fitting to apply the Jersey cow. After all, "Elsie" the Borden cow was a Jersey. I had to look her up. She was a local gal. Many residents who grew up in Schodack, New York may have fond memories of visiting Elsie in the 1940's and 1950's when she wasn't on nationwide tours. She belonged to the Payne Farm in East Schodack. I enjoyed reading the Town Historian's article about her.

The Borden's milk cans are labeled from what milk station (farm) it came from.

I don't know which station produces the most for that yummy Condensed Milk, but it's a favorite pantry staple of mine.

Those Borden's ice cream sandwiches I loved so much as a kid, were the creamiest!

I love farm decor.

And, the milk can is perfect for fall farm decor.

The above named paints and products were supplied by Country Chic Paint.

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