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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Upcycled Clock Suitcase

February Project Challenge
"Clock Face"

I've joined the 2016 monthly DIY blogger project challenge and it's so much fun! Each month we have a different project to create based on a named material theme. This month it's "clock face".

After a trip to a thrift shop, I found a cheap working clock. 

AND... I found this vintage metal "suitcase" or maybe a "typewriter case". 

I thought it would be interesting to add them together. 

So using a 3.5" hole saw bit, I cut through the lid to fit the back of the clock through it. It was a little too small. A jigsaw worked fine.

Then I super glued the clock in place and painted the entire suitcase inside and outside, along with the clock frame. 

After the paint thoroughly dried, I used a coat of dark wax to seal the chalk paint. 

I lined the inside of the suitcase with spray adhesive and burlap. Then glued on burlap ribbon around the sides. 

Of course the back of the clock showing through the suitcase lid was really ugly. To cover it up and have access to changing the time and battery, I made a mini clock face lid. 

I cut a cardboard circle (from a chocolate box, because it was heavy duty, yet thin) and printed out a mini clock face from Pinterest. Cut and glued the print onto the cardboard; then glued a piece of the burlap ribbon as a hinge. And glued burlap over the "hinge". 

To attach the hinge, I glued it to the side of the clock's rim and covered it with a decorative rope. 

A simple lift of the mini clock gives access to change the time or battery.

To finish off the front of the suitcase, I wrote a quote "The best time for new beginnings, is now". 

Because I was lucky to have the key to the case, I tied it on the handle with more of the burlap ribbon. 

I carried it into another room to show my son and said, "I've got time on my hands..." 

Yah... he thought that was funny. We both came up with some more for a good time.  (cheap thrills!)

I don't know if this would be considered art or decor... but it certainly is a good conversation piece. 

It does offer some storage space. And it can be hung by its handle.

It's unique and I like that. 

Now that you've seen my creation... you MUST go see the rest of the great ideas from our group!


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