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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Route 66 Lamp

I'm having too much fun redoing my little man's room. He grew from Pixar Cars to tween automobile interests. That, my friends, makes adult automobile dream themes come true while adding the vintage decor in the mix. And he loves it. 

So for a bit of lighting in the corner of the room came this older wooden 70's lamp. 
Totally outdated. 
But that changed. 

It came with a shade...
to also upcycle.

Why not maps of the USA?
Yah, totally into that.

A 70 cent atlas book from Salvation Army is so perfect for re-purposing. So using pages of the United States... I used the decoupage technique to change the lamp shade.
Using the states of Route 66 just happened to take place.  (wink)

Okay. The shade is ready and it's off to the outdated wooden spindled lamp ( awesome in its day)
I painted it in the beautiful red "Devotion" from Country Chic Paint.
One coat only. I wanted the rustic look. You'll see why.

It's drying.
Patience, Grasshopper.

While the lamp base was drying, I moved on. I printed out 4"x 6"  "Route 66" images to use on the lamp. Also, cut some cardboard to surround the spindles to mount the images on.

I painted the cardboard in preparation for the images.

Making certain the cardboard panels fit around the spindles, I did a trial run.
Huh, they are good to go.

Using Mod Podge to decoupage the images on the cardboard, I used hot glue to attach the panels onto the spindles of the lamp.

And there was a seal of approval.
The tween said, "So cool, Mom"!

He is, after all, the most important person to impress. And it is his room. 

This lamp is approved by parents of the tween as well.

He is cool too. We are so lucky he appreciates a style that we admire. It's also classic. A style that will take him to adult years.

The room is coming together and I can't wait for the finish. There is more. Hope you continue to follow along for the reveal!

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. Hey, how cool is this? Love what you are doing for this special tween. Thanks for sharing. sk

  2. It was an ugly lamp. Like the guitar, I just went with "covering" it to make it fit in. :)
    Glad your like it! Thank you, CoCo!!