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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2015 Spring Blog Hop

Welcome to our 2015 Spring blog hop! I'm joining up with 3 other bloggers from The Inspiration Tribe to bring you some DIY posts to welcome spring. Be sure to stop over at each blog to say hello and see the ideas. 

Today for the blog hop I'm sharing the Hydrangea Wreath I made for Easter.

Now hop over to see the other ideas and tutorials!

The Two Seasons

Thank you for stopping in and visiting with us! 

Redo it Yourself Inspirations


Sypsie Designs

The Two Seasons

Happy Spring!


  1. robin already told you how much i loved your wreath, and i was smitten with the bicycle for rent sign thanks for sharing xx

  2. The wreath is so pretty. Next year I want to do one of these, so pretty.

  3. That sign, I know, right!?! It's done so nicely!!
    Thank you for popping in to check out our little hop, Chris! ox

  4. The hydrangea wreaths are so full and I think that's why they are my favorite. Kim at Exquisitely Unremarkable made one in red and oh my goodness...it's gorgeous! Hers is my absolute favorite wreath of all time.

  5. Robin this is such a great group of bloggers. I love love love your wreath. I swear you must wear a cape every day because you're amazing at everything! I can't wait to check the other posts out. Have an awesome day, Coco

  6. LOL! You're too kind!
    I agree the ladies have put together some amazing creative ideas. They are very talented. Thank you so much for visiting us! Love seeing you!