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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tween Boy Bedroom ORC Week 3

It's week three of the One Room Challenge with Calling It Home and I believe my son's bedroom is coming together. That's it... just coming together ...far from done.

The plan list:
Patch ceiling
Paint walls
Paint and put media center together
Make tractor seat stool
Make /repurpose/ redo a desk
Make desk lamp
Paint chest of drawers
Make 2nd lamp 
Paint dresser
Paint mirror
Make and paint headboard
Upcycle trunk
Accessories (desk)
Decor (upcycle guitar(s), dogs, cars, trucks, sports)
Wall art

As I said, far from done, but I think I can make the deadline.

Here is a peek of  the accomplishments this week:

Route 66 Lamp

Tractor Seat Stool
(may not be done if I decide to distress it)

Bought a few things

Media Center Redo 
(half done with painting and decoupage)

Wall Art

Chest of drawers
(from outdated to masculine updated)

If I didn't make/repurpose/redo things and just bought them, I'd be done by now. Making more work for myself to customize everything has me slightly stressed.
Maybe laying off the coffee and getting some sleep would help :)

Let's go on over to Linda's place to see how everyone else is doing this week! 

One Room Challenge™ Linking Event, Spring 2015, Week 3

I hope you're enjoying everyone's progress as much as I am and will come back next week for more of this excitement!


  1. robin this roo is going to be so awesome can't wait for the end, and i like the fact that you are diying instead of buying, i for one can't afford a wrestling jacket for a bumble bee but i have a chance if it is diyed xx

  2. No fair Robin, all these little sneak peaks. I'm very intrigued and can't wait to see the reveal. Lov'n that Route 66 lamp!

  3. Those shelves! I'm in love. It will be worth it once it's done and then you better carve out some time just for you.

  4. Looks like your son's room is coming together nicely! Can't wait to see all your DIYs.

  5. Robin, that lamp! Seriously, it is so cute! Love the tractor seat too! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for next week!

  6. So far, the money saved by redoing and making is amazing.
    This week, you'll see how I used the same furnishings differently to make the room come together. I can't wait for the finishing touches.
    This challenge has been keeping me very busy. Glad it did... it motivated me to get this room makeover done! LOL!

  7. I wish I had it all done to show all of the room, but it's not there yet. I am with you... can't wait for it to be finished! Thank you for following along with this challenge :)

  8. Decoupage shelving in motor vehicle themes made them pop while brightening up the dark paint. I'll post them this week :)
    Thank you, Stella!

  9. Thanks, Wendy! It's a lot of work, but it's a great way to customize the room :)