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Friday, April 3, 2015

One Room Challenge: Tween Boy Bedroom

One Room Challenge™ Linking Event, 

Spring 2015, Week 1

If there is anything I need, it is motivation...

...motivation to get at least one room completely finished in our fixer upper home. Participating in the One Room Challenge event with Calling it Home will do just that!

I chose to do our son A-Man's room. He's growing rapidly before our eyes so while we still have our youngest in the nest, his bedroom is first.

A couple of years ago, we started modifying his room because he has had a lot of stuff piling up in his space while growing. With three bedrooms on the second floor, our little A-Man moved into the largest to accommodate his bunk-beds, never ending toy piles, and friend sleepovers. Well, the largest room still wasn't enough for him and his growing needs. So he got two rooms. Making the adjoining room into a play area was only double the clean up work and the bedroom was still way too small.

The only solution was busting through the wall and make the two rooms as one.

The "playroom" before removing the wall between the two rooms was awkward for head room and strange for furniture placement.

And because the ceiling angled (roof-line) to the floor without a real wall, we utilized the entire left side and turned it into a wall to wall closet. It's great for A-Man's toy storage along with hanging clothing. 

The left corner where the globe and chest of drawers are, is where the door was to come into this second room. Removing it, making it wall space and tearing out the large wall opened up a whole new bedroom. 

Designing the room for better use of space has helped contain his things. We added new carpet, door trim, window trim and the closet so far.

We had Disney Cars theme going on with bedding, lamps and decor.  Those are now donated, as it was just a quickly outgrown phase.

His bunk-bed bedroom set was donated so he could get a big boy room. And that is as far as we have gotten. There is as much of a mix of furniture as there is A-Man's interests.

Now our growing boy is ready for some style to suit his teen to manhood years. I'd like to tweak it to his interests that will continue to grow with him. He is a music playing, gamer dude, an all American sports fan, a motor-head and a dog lover with the favorite color of red.

The plan: 

1. Paint the room.
A boy color; to accentuate his favorite color red. So it's going to be gray. I really am looking at 50 shades of gray and trying decide which will be best.

2. Modify and paint furniture. 
In a contrasting red and blue his current bedroom set can become male inspired. An all American boy can still keep these colors to adult years. Americana style would be the best choice.

Possibly build or re-purpose furniture for a media center to accommodate his gaming and musical instruments.  A combination desk and chair for school studies can be extended from the media center.

3. Add decorative accents.
Lighting, window treatments and bedding with red, white and blue combinations.

4. Display decor.  
His dog collection is something he won't part with. It's got to be cleverly incorporated without clutter.

5. Clean out belongings. 
Using the sort, keep, toss, donate process, some of his favorite items can be up-cycled into decor that matches his new space.

The Inspiration Board
Wall, furniture and decor colors. Shelving, display and furniture ideas. 

I am already exhausted looking at what needs to be done. It will be worth every hurting muscle. This is the best time to get started with spring coming and warmer weather.

This exciting event is going to make me focus on getting a room completely finished! Join me and all of the participants of the One Room Challenge to see if we accomplish our goals in the next six weeks!

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  1. Michaela @ The Lodge on HaydonApril 4, 2015 at 9:28 AM

    Its going to look perfect with that design plan, lucky boy! :) Have fun planning with him, can't wait to see the results!

  2. He is really excited and this should be fun to do. (and work too, lol!)
    Thank you so much for following along with us!

  3. Love your plan Robin. You are right, I think most shades of gray will work but personally I like to stick to the lighter shades. I'm pretty sure your son will love it. Good luck and looking forward to the outcome!

  4. After comparing several paint chip choices in the room, your lighter shade suggestion is the best. I hope the one I chose works.
    Thank you for the encouragement and for sharing so much inspiration on your website! I adored several amazing designs!