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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kitchen Window Herb Garden

It's time for another DIY Blogger Project Challenge!
Each month we have a different project to create based on a named material theme. This month it's burlap or ticking!

I'm working on my kitchen makeover and the one thing I really needed to do was brighten up my window sill and tidy up the herbs. 

It's a dark and gloomy area, even with the lights on during the day. 
Luckily, I bought a metal box at a thrift shop that fits perfectly on the window sill. (it was originally for votive candles). But as you can see it's the wrong color. With ticking ribbon wrapped around it, I thought it would be perfect for the area. 

I roughly painted the box in white. While it dried, I used an empty label sticker outline as a stencil to paint chalkboard labels onto the ribbon.

Once the chalkboard paint dried, I glued the ribbon onto the box.

Then, added the plants and labeled them accordingly. 

It fits perfectly on the window sill.

I can water them at the sink and use them for recipes conveniently. 

It's much brighter and neater. 

I can't reveal the whole area just yet. The kitchen makeover is in the works. The mess and awesomeness will stay hidden for now. 

I also put together a ticking liner for our bread basket tray. It looks good and it keeps any ties and tags from getting lost. Ticking is a great accent in the farmstyle kitchen. I love that classic linen. I'm going to make some chair pads with it. 

This was super easy to do and it looks a whole lot better. 

Let's head over to the other ideas this month! 
Oh wowzers; they are really nice!

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