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Thursday, April 28, 2016

ORC And the Craigslist Kitchen Week 4

Progress. As the six week "One Room Challenge" moves on, so much has been accomplished with still more to do.

You may recall, we removed the monster pots and pans rack to replace it with a new track light.

It's installed. Yay! I've missed the lighting. The best feature is, I can project the individual lights to bounce more light into different areas of the room.

Other than exchanging those light fixtures, I've been on my own and can't reach these 14 foot high corners in the ceiling. They are left unpainted until I recruit help again. So technically, the painting is not finished and remains on the list. 

I was able to get a few things crossed off this week.

Like the window sill herb box. Perched at the sink window is super convenient for watering and snipping for recipes.

Fresh herbs are a "must have" for cooking. 

I finished covering the exposed side of the refrigerator. 

I'll share that in a separate post this week.

I started working on the pulley light fixture for over the table and tried a cage for size.

Two of these cages are going to be too large for the pulley. They are wide and the pulley is much narrower. Now, I'm cutting mason jars to use as shades.

And milk bottles

Square shaped bottles are a bit challenging. Perhaps the wet saw will be more successful. I have some large round mason jars, but if they don't cut well, I'll lose a few awesome oldies. (Yikes. I don't want to do that.) Practicing on some smaller inexpensive ones have been going well. 

I'll keep you posted on the situation.

In the meantime, here we are!

The Plan:

Paint walls  Well, still a bit to do in the ceiling areas
Paint wainscotting
Paint cabinets
Make a coffee/tea/hot chocolate station
Change the layout of the island and eat-in area
Remove the lighted hanging pots and pans rack
Add  Install new lighting to replace the rack
Change out decor and overall style
Eliminate clutter and organize
Make a farmhouse style pulley light fixture for the table area
Cover the exposed side of the refrigerator with chalkboard and beadboard
Make a small windowsill herb garden.
"Range hood" enhancement: Corbels and shelf.

Adding: Crown moulding. If ladder assistance becomes available. (fingers crossed)

It feels great to get so much done. 

Thanks for following along and don’t forget to check out what all my fellow linking participants are up to here

And a huge thank you goes to Linda at Calling It Home once again for organizing the One Room Challenge! 

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