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Thursday, April 21, 2016

ORC: That Craigslist Kitchen Week 3

Hell's Kitchen.
Okay, it's really my progress of the One Room Challenge and my Craigslist Kitchen. If you would like to, visit week one and week two when I didn't think it was all that bad. 

Well, the cabinets and the island are painted. 

Not sponsored nor supplied by Sherwin Williams, but what I purchased and used for the cabinets and island.
It was the longest and shortest week yet. If that is possible to say. Eighteen hours of painting a section of cabinets was going well until I looked down the long wall of cabinets and thought, "this will never get done".  I'd look at the clock and another day was gone.

OMG... what was I thinking?????
I am exhausted. It seemed neverrrrrrrr ending. It was also a week getting the kitchen cleaned up for my son's birthday. I couldn't imagine having family over for cake with paintbrushes and tools all over the place. Stress was at its best to say the least.

AND, I don't know, but maybe I did something while scrubbing cabinets because our microwave died. Maybe some water and TSP dripped into it. What a scramble I had,  looking for another one that had to match the GE appliances AND fit in the cabinet space. I ended up buying one at Lowe's within 3 days. Going without a microwave while working on a kitchen that you really don't want to cook in while paint is drying and curing was plain miserable.

♪ Hallelujah!!!! 
It was not a nice week, but in the end, there were two things that made me so happy that I cranked up the music and danced:

 1. While painting, I cleaned out the cabinets, the island, and the decor to make up SIX boxes of stuff for donations.  AND I sold our bar stools on Craigslist. (Room to dance now, ey? Insert Bob Seger  "Old Time Rock 'n Roll".)  

2. The white bright kitchen is amazing. What a fresh feeling kind of room to wake up to! I don't regret going to white. At all. Even though I don't have the coffee station finished, the coffee smells and tastes better already. 

So here we are with the to do list after the week of madness.

The Plan:
Paint walls
Paint wainscotting
Paint cabinets
Make a coffee/tea/hot chocolate station
Change the layout of the island and eat-in area
Remove the lighted hanging pots and pans rack
Add  Install new lighting to replace the rack
Change out decor and overall style
Eliminate clutter and organize
Make a farmhouse style pulley light fixture for the table area
Cover the exposed side of the refrigerator with chalkboard and beadboard
Make a small windowsill herb garden.

Added  "Range hood" enhancement: Corbels and shelf.

Island and eat-in area. Not what mine will be, but the layout, colors, and textures are the same.

Thanks for following along and don’t forget to check out what all my fellow linking participants are up to here

I’m sure they fared much better than I this past week. And a huge thank you goes to Linda at Calling It Home once again for organizing the One Room Challenge! Have a wonderful week! 

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