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Friday, April 15, 2016

ORC Spring 2016: Craigslist Kitchen Week 2

So here we are with week two and diving in with painting. A whole LOT of painting. As I posted last week, the plan is to brighten up the mixed wood tones of the Craigslist kitchen and streamline the cabinetry to look as though they go together. Not thrown together as they ... well... really are!

The original dark stained pine cabinets were water damaged from plumbing issues. Between mold and mice evidence, the whole kitchen was gutted right down to new subflooring. The entrance wall was also removed due to exterior weather water damage. After rebuilding the wall, I found a gorgeous new hardwood entrance door worth $1000, for $200... on Craigslist. My dad hung it with new hinges and installed the lock-set.

I was as proud as a peacock.

Lucky us! My husband found a glass sliding door to replace the old rotted one. Just $100!

Then it was time for flooring. I chose a discontinued tile at Lowe's on clearance, but plenty of it to do the entire floor and the backsplash. My tile cutting and installing skills became exceptionally good after this project.

My husband bought the basic set of honey oak cabinets, along with the double basin stainless sink. I bought the range, fridge, and microwave, all like new for $1000. Then I found the $1000 dishwasher for $300. If that wasn't exciting enough, I really scored with a $1200 double wall oven for $200!!! It was never used!

I wanted a matching wooden hood over the range. (haha... matching is not something that works here.) So I searched for one without luck. Craigslist was pretty much sold out of those. But I did find two light oak pantry cabinets AND a cherry corner cabinet along with miscellaneous cabinet fronts and spacers ALL for $200 from a contractor. So I built my range hood from the cabinet scraps. My Dad converted one of the pantry cabinets for my oven. 

Craigslist shopping for everything. 

There were enough leftovers from my scrap cabinet pieces to create another storage area.

My parents gave us an island that is huge and opens from both sides. I fell in love with the function and storage space. It needed some work, so I gave it a makeover to brighten the room.

I added pine wainscoting along the open walls.

So here we are with light oak, honey oak, cherry, and pine woods... all over the place... with stark white appliances. Sticking out like a bear on a unicycle.

Everything is nice... by itself. Together, it's a deep, dingy, and dark mess. The golden yellow paint on the walls did nothing.

It really needs to become one. Lighter and brighter is the answer.

Moving on to the plan, I've been cleaning and painting the walls and wainscoting. Here is my "test" wall. I wanted to do a small area before starting the cabinets, just to make sure that I was sure I was brave enough.

What do you think?
I like it already! I chose Sherwin Williams Ovation in Repose Gray for the walls and Sherwin Williams Showcase in Reflective White for the wainscoting and cabinets.

My repurposed table and bathroom light fixture into pots and pans rack came down. (Another crazy title.)

And guess what? I posted it for sale and it sold!!! On Craigslist!!! Isn't that a bang your hand on your knee laugh!!!

But I would miss that lighting. So I used the sale money to get a new fixture for hanging on the ceiling beam. Hopefully it will be installed by next week.

The Plan:
Paint walls
Paint wainscotting
Paint cabinets
Make a coffee/tea/hot chocolate station
Change the layout of the island and eat-in area
Remove the lighted hanging pots and pans rack
Add new lighting to replace the rack
Change out decor and overall style
Eliminate clutter and organize

I'm adding a few ideas to the plan...

Make a farmhouse style pulley light fixture for the table area

Cover the exposed side of the refrigerator with chalkboard and beadboard

Make a small windowsill herb garden.

Here's the mood board in all my excited glory! 

Well, my paintbrushes are drying, I've got to go! I hope you'll join me next week to see if I stay on schedule. In the meantime, you can see how everyone is doing with their challenges at Linda's Calling It Home: One Room Challenge!

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