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Saturday, May 14, 2016

ORC Craigslist Kitchen Makeover Reveal

This is it. The final week.
Thee Day.
Thee moment.
The six week challenge is over. The time has come to reveal the kitchen overhaul.

This is my second ORC rodeo. I knew what work was ahead of me and this ORC encouragement was just what I needed to get this kitchen done once and for all. The thrifted has all come together. The pine, oak, maple, cherry, and all of the mixed-matched has been painted. Don't get me wrong; I like wood grain cabinets. Even if they match! Just not in my house.

Here is the "original as is purchased condition", a.k.a. the "gut". Forty-six days later, it was a Craigslist/thrifted renovation, a.k.a. the tall, dark, and un-handsome. Followed by my finally finished.

It was challenging working with a very long and narrow room without going into a second mortgage for expansion.

But now, the dark and gloomy days are gone. I had to turn lights on, even on sunny days with skylight windows. Now it's raining and I'm taking photos without overhead lighting.

Decluttered. AND fresh and bright!
Here are cherry cabinet doors and a maple frame cabinet with neighboring pine wainscotting.

Plants may live now.
There is so much more light!

It's a breath of fresh air every time I go into the room.  I cook a lot and this layout makes it more enjoyable.  It's actually inviting me to cook more.

What used to be an international kitchen with a mix of Italian, Dutch, French and good ol' American evidence, (I kindly called it French Country or just plain country) it still has the farmhouse style touches I love.

So now I have renamed it "Modern Farmhouse".

Complete with a hot beverage station. 

In review, here are the before and after spot shots. The "guts and glory".

What was previously a great put down for keys and mail, is now a much used hot beverage area. Nobody used the booze in the cabinet, so it was all tossed for coffee/hot chocolate mugs. The undercabinet was for our little buddy's dog food and treats. We lost him 2 weeks ago. Much of the reason why  I couldn't catch up then. It's been very devastating. So his things are gone leaving room for bottles of water and energy drinks. Now this is something everyone uses all of the time. It's all self serve so I can spend time washing pots and pans.

Our light oak and golden oak with pine cabinets made the stark white appliances jump into the room. They are rock stars but they really need to share the stage. 
Painting made them harmonious. 

I ended up painting the dishwasher this week.  It was the only appliance that was off white. It looked out of place. 

I was afraid of removing the door with the electronics, so I left it in place and painted the bottom. The control panel is untouched. 
I can live with that. 

Changing the island layout is my favorite.
Say it with me... "workspace".
From stove to island and with about 7 vessels to make eggplant rollatini ...well this is just heaven.

As much as I turn the pots and pans rack into half empty while putting on a spread, it was the big elephant in the room. I made it from an old iron table, so that should give you the estimated size of it. Huge is an understatement. And we hung it up high so not to be in anyone's view. So I had to use a step stool all of the time. Several times per meal was a ... unpleasant experience.  Since I cleaned out the island, my cookware is inside it.

Again, mix match oak cabinets. ALL cheap craigslist finds. But the white appliances, also craigslist finds, just bothered me that nothing was streamlined.

Now the white is so blended in.
This was exactly my goal.
This was when I danced in the kitchen.

Maple trim moulding and pine shelving... hidden away into sleek lines.

I'm so glad I did this.

Yes, I have a small television in the kitchen. Spending many hours here allows me to watch HGTV and the Food Network.

I know I'm not alone.

Replaced lighting is refreshing.

I don't have a decorating budget. Let me say it's just not a part of the budget. Everything here as been thrifted or DIY from scraps or upcycle. Painting walls and cabinets while adding some DIY has made this room a reality for us. It just took a little creativity and daydreaming.

If you missed any of my weekly updates, you can catch them here:

I've got to thank Linda at Calling it Home for making this happen. She is the brainchild of room designing motivation with her twice per year One Room Challenge. It's not a competition for us participants. But everyone's a winner. The key word is motivation. You commit yourself to get that project done. You are joining a growing number of others for encouragement and sharing ideas. It's the kick in the pants you need to finally accomplish what you've put off. I wanted to do this kitchen this way and finally did it.

Thank you, Linda! You are the best "Home" coach ever!

Now, if you're as curious as I am about everyone else's' accomplishments, let's go check them out! I've been watching and they are rocking some really great ideas and styles! (Squeal!!! This is huge!)

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