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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tulip Themed Door Decor: Thrift Store Swap 4

I'm really excited to be a part of the Thrift Store Swap because it's a really interesting challenge! 

This is the 4th edition of the Thrift Store Swap organized by Lyn at MidMichiganMom. If you are unfamiliar with this swap, here are the basics. 

14 crafty bloggers commit to buying and repurposing 2 thrift store items. For this edition, one item must be a wreath and both items must cost under $10. 

 Sounds easy right? There's a catch...they are not buying for themselves! Each blogger is partnered with another, by sending and receiving, and then surprised with what they must repurpose.

Take a look at what I received from Brittany at DIY Just Cuz. It's a cute Spring themed tulip wreath! It's a heavy wooden one. I also recived a dogwood printed tray. 

Sweet!!! But I was really stumped! 

The wooden tulips are put together in two rows and quite 3D. To maintain a the wreath theme, I was really limited! Using my wild card item (the tray) with the tulips, I could make a welcome sign type of wreath! 

Of course tulips are traditionally Spring flowers and very well known for top cultivation in the Netherlands. 

So I had an idea. I grabbed a pair of my Dutch clogs and decided to use them as part of the door decor. 

I painted the entire tulip wreath with green paint. Then painted the tray and the clogs in white. 

After printing out some Delft art with tulips, I decoupaged them onto the shoes and the tray. 

To put the wreath together with the rest of the door decor, I attached the shoes to the bottom. Then the tray to the front.

After adding tulips into the clogs, the new welcome wreath was complete!

The tulip wreath makes a nice green background for the sign and helps bring out the red of the flowers.  

Being a little stumped at first ended up as an entirely tulip themed project! 

This type of decor can be found in the Netherlands all year. Pretty cool, huh? 

It was a challenge! But that's what we DIYers do, don't we?

Now, as for the rest of the surprised swaps, take a look at what I sent Lisa at Five Kids, A Dog and A Blog. I mailed a Valentine's wreath, wooden coasters, and a wooden dish. I was thinking she could make a Mother's day themed heart wreath. Perhaps with photos of children in the coasters? (Maybe she did... 

or maybe ... she didn't!) With this type of swap, anything goes! Let's check it out along with all of the other swaps!!! 

So what happens when the unknown challenges face 14 crafty ladies?
You get some out of the box tutorials!

Here are the geniuses behind these DIY Tutorials. Make sure to check out each one!

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