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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Table Makeover: Ms. Black Velvet

It's another Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest!  This month it's all 'bout that "Bling-Bling"! Which is super exciting because the sponsor is none other but the amazing Country Chic Paint! Not quite what you would expect, right? Did we announce that right? Bling and Country Chic Paint? Well the participants are making that theme work with "metallic creams"! Oh, yes we are! The fine company supplied each of us with one pint of gorgeous metallic cream AND one pint of All-in One Paint to create from! And they were so kind as to include stirrers AND a brush! (Get outta here!!! Talk about "top-notch!) Wow-zers!!! We are so luuuuucky!!!!

So, I chose "Liquorice" (sleek velvety black) as my "All-In-One" paint coverage; and to go with it, "Pocket Watch" (gold)! It's for that black velvet look with a touch of bold-gold-bling. The combo is simply "classic".
Like "Bond" classic.
(Bond; James Bond.)

Let's check out what I had to work with.
Yee-up. A broken table.

Oh, it's one of those repair jobs again. ( meh!) It wouldn't be my life if it wasn't.
The free insects were temporarily exciting.
But those curves, and legs...
cat legs..."Mee-ow!"
Which Bond movie was that one from?

I had to glue and clamp before filling in the missing chipped off wood on both sides of the framework where the loose leg was. So it took endless wood filler applications followed by buzzings of sanding after each one. Ten in all.
I think.
I may have lost track after eight.
Separated pieces on the top were filled from underneath and on top to fill gaps. Extra sanding was needed to smooth out the cigarette and... "chemical" burns? Maybe that's what the yucky stuff was. It was gross.

That was fun. Or not.
I even used a blow dryer at one point to hurry the wood filling process. (No, it does not work. It cracks and you just need to fill again. Don't bother trying it. Really.
Really, really!)

But I couldn't wait to get started with that gold. Of course while "Goldfinger" lyrics went through my mind... "Mr. Goooold-Fing-gaaah"... all I wanted to do was get to painting!

Gah!!!! I blew away the dust and started wiping up so fast that I was shaking!
Finally! Paint and sparkles!!!

Now, I kind of wish I did the whole thing gold. With velvet touches.
Eh, next time.

I painted with the Liquorice first. Then, the top router off trim and all of the carvings were carefully painted with Pocket Watch. Finally, the entire table got one coat of Country Chic Paint's "Tough Coat".

Whiiiiiit-wheeeew! Pretty legs!

Dainty feet, with raised heels, dressed in gold.

Now I'm going to be brutally honest.
I added big diamond shaped rhinestones into those three upper carvings on the legs. I thought "earrings"= "more bling"... and I always stay true to the contest theme! This one is "Bling".
Guess what.
It looked cheesy.
Fake. Way too... not good. Well, I certainly don't have any real diamonds laying around!
So I removed those stones and fixed up the little spots with the gold again.
Much better.

I also ordered diamond cut "crystal knobs" for the front to make a fake drawer front.
Not good.
Less is more.

Soooo.... while I named this table as she is...  "Ms. Black Velvet"...

let's just get back to the Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest deets!

Our May Sponsor is 
Country Chic Paint is a beautiful furniture and home decor paint specifically designed for DIYers with a love for refinishing. This fabulous paint is eco-friendly and contains no harmful solvents. You can use it with your bare hands and no mask needed.

This month, the theme is "Bling Bling".

The contest hosts are 
Evey at Evey's Creations and Stacy at Anastasia Vintage 

Sponsored by Country Chic Paint with painting supplies to create this project, all opinions and statements are entirely my own.

Wish me luck! 

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