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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Refrigerator Cover Up

I'm redoing the kitchen and the one thing that annoys me is...

this BIG white refrigerator! I really can't relocate it and it's... well, a necessity. So we have to keep it. 

Here's the crime scene.

It's blowing out the kitchen here! Something had to be done. I had to hide it. Or try to. 

I thought a chalkboard on the side might dress it up. Plus, it would be really handy. So... I scored this vintage wooden frame at a flea market and it was almost the right size to use for the chalkboard. 

And then there was a big "a-ha moment", my dear, Watson! Beadboard under the chalkboard would give a finished look. Kinda' like a faux wall. Hmmm... this could be a good cover. 

I cut and resized the frame. Then cut the beadboard panels to fit on the refrigerator. 

Then glued the boards together and added duct tape for more support over the glued areas on the back. 

Both the frame and the beadboard needed to go onto the refrigerator. Deciding to make it non-permanent, I glued on magnet tape and round heavy duty magnets.

While the glue dried, I applied chalkboard contact paper onto the upper part of the fridge where it would be framed in. 

When the magnets were securely glued, I just placed the wooden frame over the chalkboard. Then placed the beadboard under the chalkboard frame. The magnets cling both sections onto the fridge very well!

The results: A great solution to the problem! 

A huge chalkboard that's magnetic too! Perfect for appointments and other memos.

Reminders can't be missed staring at your face each day. I think I like it. It's a keeper.

It's organized and has a much better appearance.

Of course, painting the kitchen cabinets white helped blend the fridge into the room for a neater look. 

I'll reveal the whole farm style kitchen redo next week. I'm still finishing up. (Too many things going on and not enough coffee this week!)

This little project was super easy to do and ended up as a very inexpensive cover up. Don't you love the idea of keeping track of reminders in a convenient area? 

Interested in the chalkboard roll or the beadboard ? This is what I used.

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