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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Backyard and Pond Project

I built this pond strategically to adjoin our concrete patio. It's large and deep enough to keep the natural habitat content.  Rather than the typical round or oval shape I went with triangular to make the waterfall appear as the focal point.

GFI power receptacle  is located next to the pond  to accommodate one pump, one filtered fountain and the water flowing birdbath in the far back. You can't see the power source because the "Stella O'Day" lilies are hiding it.  I use solar lights  taped to small plant poles with hooks staked in the ground on each side of the pond. I also have one behind the waterfalls.

Anyone who has built a pond may tell you they have most likely changed it a few times before it finally gets to where they want it or it looks best.  I've changed this little pond three times before I finally set the sides with concrete and stone. 

"Friends" often live here. These two look like they are saying... "I'm just like you!" or... "on your mark, get set..."

Some a little noisy, but cute.

As you can see, the pond adds a great feature to the right side of the deck and patio area. Here's a view from the high top table with concrete counter I built.  I'll take you on the tour of this back yard project  with more photos and details as soon as I take them. I revamped or built everything here.  

Even the fire pit has been put together and moved several times until I decided the furthest corner was best for it. Then I started pouring the concrete patio... by hand with a wheelbarrow, shovel and hoe.  One wheelbarrow load at a time. Sections at a time. It was a labor of love.

This was last spring before I removed the plastic waterfalls and built a concrete and stone waterfall.

This was during the summer with plant growth and the permanent waterfall.

I had to replant and organize this area since we had a professional come in and cut down several 30'-40' weak pine trees that became dangerous next to our house and the neighbor's. We added a sectional landscaping fence for the neighbors' privacy. For a second year growth, everything is flourishing well. 

Now that it's spring, I'll work on some finishing touches and come back with more for a full tour of photos and details.  I now have some fish in the pond, the wrap around deck is getting finished up and I recovered all of our patio furniture cushions. 

The backyard is our favorite place at home. The summers are short and we enjoy every moment here. I especially love taking in the flowers during its short season. 

The project is never ending. I add new creations and truly enjoy it.

There will be more, I'm very sure! 


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