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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hanging Pots and Pans Rack with Lighting from Junk

A junk table top, thrift shop bathroom light fixture, a metal candelabra, some candle lights, wiring, chains, hooks and paint pulls this lighted rack off~ 

This is a re-purposed project inspired from the free junked metal table top. Of course it looked like a rack right away. I knew I wanted lighting with it based on previous experience. Putting up a rack up and filling it up, darkens the space beneath it and above it.

So off to the thrift shop for a light fixture. Whoa, this bathroom fixture is perfect; 4 hardware arches and glass shades and already wired with the basics for just $9... Then this metal candelabra called me, over here, I'm only $5... I said, "yeeee-up!" Sold! Then four Christmas candle lights, 50 cents each. I was able to salvage parts from my electrical junk box in the garage too. Okay, great start so far and went off to Walmart and Lowes for paint, chains, hooks and wiring.

Prepping the candelabra top with an old electrical light fixture by connecting with chains and S hooks. Then spray painted. 

The candelabra getting electrified with candle sticks, cut to size, salvaging the wiring and painted.

Attaching salvaged parts from the light fixture to all four corners of the table top. Staining the glass shades with wood stain, then clear coated. 

Finished wiring, drilled holes for hooks and chains. Then weaved the wiring through the hanging chains, and finally en-routed to hard wire into the ceiling and light switch.

I admit, this was not an afternoon job. It was not a by myself job to hang it either. It is heavy and needed to be lifted to a 14' vaulted ceiling. Then hard wired in. Thank goodness my husband does not mind to help with the lifting and a ladder. After all he was the one who brought home the table top.


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