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Friday, November 29, 2013

Cannonball Headboard Makeover

I have a very dated pine Colonial headboard. It didn't go well with my Southwestern bedroom set so a makeover was in order.

The headboard before shown is a perfect sample of what mine did look like before revamping it. (I can't locate my actual before photo) The style is quite similar, with the center boards and frame work, the cannonball posts, and the spindle inserts. 

The original finish was a very dark stain. Some of it is apparent with the old dents and scratches that I left behind for a rustic look.  (This piece was a used swap deal and the scratches were free)  Stripping and sanding took it down to the bare wood. Leaving the natural wood colors as is, I gave it a couple of coats of varnish, sanding in between each coat. 
I cut away the colonial spindles that were inserted on both sides, giving it a whole new look with open spaces. 
Then painted the bedposts on the top and in the middle portions a black gloss enamel.  It certainly is much nicer  looking than the old dark stained bed setting. The black goes with my wrought iron accents in the room.

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