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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Boot Straps

Trusty old boots saw better days before scooping up around the horse barns.

I recycled belts and purse pieces for these boot straps. They gave character to all three pairs of my old boots.  There are endless possibilities on how to dress up plain ol' beat up boots. 

My vintage boots are distressed so I used distressed pieces to go with them. 
This bootstrap is just a belt that I cut in half, tied off the wood beads, rearranging a bit and allowed to dangle. I used the original belt hardware to attach to itself on this set. 

One large belt and a little imagination makes a set of bootstraps that can be worn on other boots.
Here are my old cowboy boots with a studded belt cut in half and purse pieces attaching them at the side. 

Using the purse hardware to connect the belt ends together also added a contrasting color. 

So old, holes were on the bottoms. I didn't wear them on rainy days.  Hubby had them resoled for me to keep my feet dryer.   As long as my feet don't pop out the sides;  they are keepers. 

My 70's (super vintage) boots with purse handles and pieces for straps here. 

Each set of bootstraps is removable to change the look of each pair of boots. 

It's just dandy! 

I'll keep them kicking around for a long time. Especially now that they are all gussied up. 


  1. This is awesome! How exactly did the purse pices attach to the belt pieces? I would love to make these

  2. I actually re-used the purse handles and rivets to the belt straps. Carefully removing the hardware along with the straps, (with knives and small flat screw drivers) I allowed them to release with slight pressure so not to "heat or fricture" the rivets. That weakens the metal. Then inserted them into the belt part and refastened with a hammer by tapping lightly into place by making a hole first with a pointed driver ( an old ice pick) . I hope that helps, if not, please contact me and I'll guide you further.