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Friday, November 29, 2013

Iron Baker's Rack from Ugh to Ah

I have this old iron Baker's Rack that I have had a love hate relationship with for over 16 years. Loved it for the microwave way back when and also hated it because of the shelving.

The one wooden shelf was fine, but the other wire shelves were a struggle. Cookbooks fell through, small objects would wobble and anything with legs or feet just wouldn't sit on it. I considered giving up and tossing the whole thing out. After some thought maybe new wood shelving could be more suitable.  BUT, I do like tile and this was not a work-space, only storage or display. So there ended my wire shelf dilemma:

Before and After 

Not so friendly wire shelving

Some boards cut to fit, with some new tiles and left overs from the kitchen tile job, some glue, left over grout, and polyurethane. 

Two top shelves 

Two bottom shelves 

A little black enamel paint all around the edges of the boards to blend in with the black iron

Usable shelves.

1. Measure shelving areas
2. Cut plywood or particle board for each shelf
3. Layout tile design
4. Glue the tiles to the board/shelves
5. Grout
6. Clean well from grouting material
7. Paint all edges of the boards to conceal 
8. Polyurethane surfaces for easy wiping and dusting
9. Slide into place


  1. My love/hate relationship landed my bakers rack on the back porch where I used it as a buffet station for BBQ's. unfortunately the weather was unkind to the one good shelf, the wood one. I was contemplating replacing the wood but your tile idea gave me some inspiration. I have a cement patio that I jazzed up with a ceramic tile border and stencil paint job- perhaps the bakers rack should match, hmmmm. Thanks for the idea!

  2. You're welcome! I love using tiles outdoors. They hold up so well. What a great idea using your rack for the bbq area too! I hope you share both your patio and rack when you finish!

  3. I have never had a bakers rack but this is an awesome idea in the event that I run across one, I could re-purpose it like you've demonstrated.
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  4. That's great! And I saw a post somewhere that "stick on" tiles were used; which is another great idea.