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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kindling Box Revival

I found this box at a thrift shop and thought it would make great kindling box next to the woodstove because of the tin tile lining. Depending on what was under the contact paper would direct me how to renew it. If it was fiberboard, I would have covered it with leather or new wood, or sheet metal. But being sand-able wood, I refinished it with wood stain and polyurethane.

I used left over leather belt scraps to make outside handles and  to dress up the corners. It was a very easy makeover.

Nice shaped box with tin tile sheet lining. But covered in out dated contact paper.  $2.00

I'll keep the interior as is.

Sanded down to clean wood.

One coat of wood stain.

One coat of polyurethane. 

Scrap leather belt straps cut into the shape I wanted to run over corners (Trunk Style) 

More belt scrapping. I chose 4 of these the same size, and a belt to get two handles out of. Then I drilled a hole through the metal and leather end to screw into the wood box. 

Handle layout. 

Screw start position. 

I drilled a pilot hole at 1" beyond the existing handle hole on the box. Then screwed in each end of the new handles. 

I used nail tacks for the leather pieces on the corners. 

I like this better than the contact paper. 

The copper color goes well with the leather and wood.

Now we can fill it with our fire starter wood. 

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