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Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Great Put Down!

We all get home and need to drop the keys and the mail. I incorporated a great put down spot as you enter through kitchen door. I had two wall cabinets left over from our kitchen re-do that I didn't want to waste. The taller wall cabinet needed a floor base, which raised the unit higher, a perfect height for what we intended. The shorter over the refrigerator cabinet needed dressing up other than trim molding. So I attached a glass rack on one side a portable battery operated display light. I attached/tiled the wall between the two units from our leftover kitchen floor tile.  I found four inspirational tiles and tiled them on the wall as well.Then I made a cabinet counter top out of more floor tile and trimmed out the edges with corner molding.  There you have it. A great "put down". 

This looks better than the original coat rack that was here. 

Inexpensive wall plaque/tiles added a warm touch to the project.

Dog treats can be found in here :-)

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