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Friday, November 29, 2013

Plastic Bag Storage

You get those bags from shopping... and you keep them to reuse them. What do you do with them? I always stuff them under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. I started by using one of the bags to put all of the bags in. Yes, I know, really unorganized. So I tried a jar, eh, took too much room and still lifted when I pulled one out. Then I tried one of those hanging type in the broom closet. Nah, too light and fought with it. Then there was this:  
Pretty darn handy!  A heavy ceramic tissue box holder. This is homed under the kitchen sink.

Wha-la~ (Angels singing.)  Heavy ceramic tissue boxes!
I have one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom just for reusing plastic bags.

You can buy new to suit your taste or recycle your own. I got both at a thrift shop for $3 a piece because I couldn't part with the bathroom one I already had.  Just stuff your bags in and take one when you need it.

This idea can be used for any room where you reuse the bags, even in the car trunk, office, craft room, and garage. And you can personalize them with paint and decorate them!  

Reusing these bags in the bathroom trash basket is a must. So here is the bathroom plastic bag recycle bin living in the basin cabinet. Life got easier.


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